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As a talented pencil artist with a passion, Toshy was born in Breda, The Netherlands in the 1970‘s. Stimulated by his family to pursue his talent, Toshy was taken to various museums in Paris and Amsterdam as a young boy. During this time Toshy was inspired by icons such as Erwin Olaf, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein.

The impact of the eighties, sometimes described as the decade that fashion, at least, forgot, were defining years for a style later to come. With the upcoming dance scene Toshy was inspired by the sexy visuals used and combined with graphics and animations and identified with the ‘smiley’ symbol.Pop icon video-clips with stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and Depeche Mode instilled a strong vision in how creativity could be portrayed in the world. This is turn resulted halfway through the eighties in the emergence of the street-art culture.

Graffiti was no longer seen as a nuisance but as talent and was rightly recognized by the media. At just aged 16 Toshy was picked out and interviewed by diverse newspapers and magazines. But Toshy’s talent was not only street-art. It had grown and developed and was further stimulated by his creative studies. Toshy took is his talent to another level and began his own creative agency. The street-art talent within him always remained and around the end of 2012 Toshy combined his graffiti skils with personal background, typography and photography to create a new style of art.

His first canvas ‘Sade’ triggered a sea of emotions by its client. Shortly afterwards Toshy gave his first exposition in Amsterdam which was warmly received.

Toshy creates a personal story with his art. Seducing climaxes, quotes and facts from the lives of well-known and less known people of the world, combined with a technically, recognizable and brilliant display of art. His portraits, which Toshy describes as odes, show the world the depths that lie within people as individuals. Toshy aims to trigger and inspire via his artwork and sees the world as a podium to display art as a communication form without limitations. Each canvas is personally signed with the motto ‘The world is your stage’

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